Published on April 07, 2019


Health for all – everyone, everywhere.

Today is World Health Day!

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th every year and marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization. It’s a chance to celebrate health and highlight the goal of achieving a fairer, healthier world in which everyone has access to the health care they need, and where no one is left behind.

So today is a perfect day to celebrate Goal 3! If people are healthy then they are able to reach their full potential and lead happy, productive lives. Want to understand what needs to be done to achieve good health and wellbeing for all? Watch the Make it Happen film below to learn more and get inspired.


Take Action for Goal 3

If you want to help make an impact and accelerate progress on Goal 3, below are some individual actions you can take.

Good health and well-being starts with taking care of yourself. Following these steps will help you look after your own health.


1) Don’t Smoke.

2) Be more active. Go for walks at lunchtime or cycle to work.

3) Eat a healthy diet and drink a lot of water.

4) Get enough sleep.

5) Take care of your mental health. Meditate, talk to friends and family, and seek professional help.

6) Educate yourself about HIV/AIDS. Protect yourself. Test yourself.


But you don’t have to stop there. You can also take action to make an impact on good health in your community.


7) Get involved in raising awareness of, and support for, mental health ailments such as depression, substance abuse or Alzheimer’s.

8) Drive responsibly.One of Goal 3’s targets is to reduce the number of deaths from traffic accidents. Having a driving license is a privilege and responsibility, so make sure to follow traffic signs and rules. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving and do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Organize a road safety event in your class or workplace to educate peers about the topic.

9) Donate blood, it saves lives. Be aware of your local blood donation centres to support blood banks with the supplies needed to help people in emergencies. Initiate a blood donation centre in your school, university or workplace once per semester or year.

10) Vaccinate yourself and your children. Protecting your family from disease also aids public health.

11) Volunteer at a hospital. You can support its operations and increase the hospitals human capacity and productivity.

12) Help rural or emergency areas with equal access to medicine. Run a campaign to donate medicine that will be passed to rural or emergency areas.

So what are you waiting for? Pick and action and help make Goal 3 happen by 2030!