Published on March 15, 2024

Invest in Women to Supercharge Progress for the Goals

In a world grappling with a myriad of crises that are putting immense pressure on communities and individuals globally, achieving Goal 5, Gender Equality has never been more vital.

Ensuring women’s and girls’ rights across all facets of life is the only way to secure thriving and just economies, and a healthy planet for future generations. But at the current rate of progress, it will be 2308 before we finally manage to close the prevailing gaps in legal protections for women and girls and remove discriminatory laws.

One of the key challenges in achieving gender equality by 2030 is the lack of financing, with a staggering finance gap of an annual $360 billion in spending on gender-equality measures.

Finance will be a key player in making significant game-changing progress as we enter the second half of the Global Goals.

Exploring the power of finance in Goal 5

In a bonus series of the Global Goals podcast, ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Saving The World’, Gail Gallie and Loyiso Madinga take a halftime assessment of where we need to get to and how we are going to do it.

Exploring the power of finance in Goal 5, we look to guests Kely Nascimento, filmmaker and social activist; Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and chair of the Elders; and Gloria Walton, CEO of The Solutions Project on how women and finance can supercharge progress for the Goals.

Kely Nascimento

Kely Nascimento is a public speaker, social activist, and documentary filmmaker, working at the intersection of sport and social justice.

While football teams have come a long way since 1979, in 2024 Kely’s friends daughter situated near Chelsea football stadium is still struggling to find an all-girls competitive football club. Football federations don’t only need public pressure from the communities that celebrate football but they also need to invest locally from the ground up. Progress for Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities will get the girls who want to play football on a level playing field.

A change is needed to ensure women thrive

Sports can also reveal health gender inequalities. Recent research found “disproportionately high” rates of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) knee injuries in female footballers, reflecting the lack of understanding and attention given to female health in sports and exercise. Can you believe that the first football boot in the world designed around female feet came to the market less than four years ago. Further finance into research and innovation for women in sport can not only protect women but ensure they thrive.

Mary Robinson

Leading the way off the pitch and into the climate space are the amazing women at Project Dandelion, a global women-led initiative that calls on leaders, NGOs, movements and individuals around the world to unite in action for a climate safe world.

Co-founded by Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Chair of the Elders, who believes women’s leadership plays a pivotal role in making a transformative change in the world.

Mary found herself on the path to choosing the Dandelion when her moonshot thinking was shot down in the desire for a more feminist-coded symbol.

Partnerships for the Goals to supercharge progress

Utilising Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals to supercharge progress for Goal 13, Climate Action, Project Dandelion’s purpose to unite a world for climate action means they’re battling a $4 billion communications lobby actively working against the movement. As Mary put it, “It’s hard to find a budget for a movement.. but it’s the movement that makes the difference.”.

Gloria Walton

From spreading the seeds of the dandelion to sowing the seeds as a farmer, our final podcast guest, Gloria Walton, is a community organiser, writer, speaker, and the President and CEO of The Solutions Project.

She was raised by her mother and grandmother, a farmer who taught her to be a steward of the land. Gloria’s motivation at The Solutions Project, a nonprofit that funds and amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities, was fuelled from finding pathways out of the inequalities she grew up in. Focused on building community power for an equitable and regenerative world,


The Solutions Project’s 100% commitment to justice funding model confronts an historic lack of funding and media coverage, and promotes feminine leadership that builds power from the ground up. 95% of climate philanthropy resources are directed to white and overwhelmingly male-led climate advocacy groups.

About half of climate funding is concentrated in just 20 organisations, with demographics that match this extreme homogeneity in leadership.

Gloria flips the script by investing 95% of their resources in frontline leadership of colour, with at least 80 % going to organisations led by women and non-binary people.

By utilising financing to empower frontline communities who feel the effects of the climate crises the most, The Solutions Project accelerates progress in not just Goal 13 Climate Action but through Goal 5 Gender Equality and Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities also.

Investing in women and championing gender equality unlocks a future of collective empowerment, supercharging the Goals cultivating boundless opportunities for all.

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