September 12th marks the start of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco. Led by California Governor Jerry Brown, the two day event held in San Francisco will bring high-profile climate advocates, business leaders and policy makers together from around the world. There will be various events taking place across the week to celebrate the progress made towards Goal 13, Climate Action, and re-emphasise that further changes need to take place if we’re to curb climate change. Without dealing with climate, none of the Goals will be reached. These events will show how Climate Action contributes to all of the Goals.

We want to spread the message of GCAS to the people, and amplify some of the incredible stories happening across America, culminating with the One Planet Summit in New York City 12 days later! Here are some of the events happening over GCAS:


If we’re going to achieve Goal 14 (Life Below Water) we will need the backing of the most creative and innovative minds the world has to offer. The week will kick off with a two-day Ocean Hack, organised in partnership with Salesforce. Taking place in the San Francisco Salesforce tower on the 10th and 11th of September, this event will bring together a diverse group of creatives, designers, strategists, technologists, engineers, scientists, marine conservationists and business talent with a passion for the ocean to develop prototypes with positive impact potential for some of the most pressing challenges faced by Oceans today.

This audacious event will bring together experts from around the world to work in groups to accelerate tangible, technology solutions for the Oceans. The event will produce sharable content in the form of a suite of short films as well as initial investor decks. The hack will conclude with an event called ‘Making Waves’, in partnership with 2030 Vision. This will present the innovators with an opportunity to take their prototypes to potential investors, in order to develop them to scale.


The Global Goals team is working closely with the Summit’s team to ensure the messages of ambition travels out of San Francisco. Bringing you exclusive stories of climate action from within GCAS, we are setting up a three day pop-up radio station, ‘Climate Calling’.

As a platform aimed at amplifying Goal 13 messages, the radio will focus on sharing inspiring and exciting stories of climate action, as well as groovy music. Brought to you straight from the conference, those stories are not ones you want to miss!

Climate Calling is supported by Mars and Budweiser, and will be ran in partnership with Nature4Climate, a campaigning organisation driving action on natural climate solutions.

Get ready to groove and save the world, and tune in here from September 12th.

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September offers a unique opportunity to celebrate American cities’ climate innovations, and boost consumer confidence in renewable energy by bridging together two of the largest climate events happening on opposite sides of the country: GCAS in San Francisco, and the One Planet Summit at the New York Climate Week.

One of GCAS’s message is simple: without a shift to renewable energy we will not achieve a net zero emissions world by 2050. Electric vehicles are a central part of that transition, and that is where the Great New American Road Trip comes in.

Led by Purpose, a campaigning organisation, multiple partners have developed a multi-tiered campaign that will bring a cross-country EV road trip and event series to Middle-America, too often neglected and left out of climate conversations.

The road trip will be launched at the end of the San Francisco Summit, carrying business leaders’ and civil society’s declaration to global leaders in New York for the United Nations’ General Assembly and Climate Week.

The EV trip will highlight the economic, health, job-creation and environmental benefits of clean energy, as well as celebrating women’s leadership on these issues. Stopping in key cities along the way, the road trip will celebrate the unsung heroes of America: from activists to business leaders, from organisations to mayors, we will be amplifying the stories of American citizens working together towards a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable future. It will be a celebration of Goal 13, and demonstrate how it links to Goals 5, 7 and 8.


From Argentina to the Sahara Desert, see what this week’s Global Goals top 5 news stories are.


It’s been a momentous week for the World’s Largest Lesson who, for the first time, headed to Argentina for the 2018 G20 Ministers of Education summit. The message was simple – to make sure education is inclusive, equal and of the highest quality for EVERYONE through the power of The Global Goals.


Cruelty-free fashion is on the up, with Stella McCartney in the forefront. The designer has created the first ever ‘Vegan’ Adidas Stan Smith trainer. Leather-free and suitable for vegetarians, the Stella Stan Smith pays homage to the original while reflecting Stella’s signature details and representing all that she stands for.

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This weekend, hundreds and thousands of people from over 90 countries are expected to march in protest about the failures for tackling Climate issues. From marches and street theatre to art and mini festivals – taking place all over the world to highlight numerous growing frustration at the lack of meaningful political action over the emerging climate breakdown.

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The Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert in the world, could be going green. Solar panels and wind turbines installations across the vast landscape could increase rainfall and vegetation dramatically – researchers have said.

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Every year children and young people head back to school, eager (or not so eager) to reunite with friends and kick-start their learning, but for millions of students around the world, the school environment is not a safe space to study and grow. UNICEF’s latest campaign #ENDViolence looks to tackle these issues head on.

If you’re an educator and would like to incorporate this message into your teachings, together with UNICEF, the World’s Largest Lesson put together a free lesson plan to guide and support you on these issues. You can download it here

For more information on the campaign and how you can get involved head to the UNICEF website here