This year, we enter the third year of The Global Goals. To promote a better understanding of the 17 Goals, we are excited to announce the launch of a new version of the communication system that now incorporates the 169 targets.

In the two years since the Global Goals were launched, worldwide enthusiasm for sustainable development has become stronger than ever. Now we have to make sure that this enthusiasm is turned into action. To help this engagement, we have expanded the communication system to include all the 169 targets.

The targets are the real working parts of the Goals. The 17 main Goals give us well defined categories for the work ahead, but the targets give us a detailed list of our challenges and promotes engagement on a more personal level. Through them, the Global Goals can really come alive. Now, pick the ones that you feel most passionate about and take action to change the world for the better.

Find the targets under each Goal here on the site, or download them in our Resources section.